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ADSL Modem

This is a special kind of modem. It lets you connect your home computers and network to an external phone line. This, in turn, is how you connect to the internet.



A cursor is a display element that shows you where, on the computer’s screen, the current point of focus is. It may be an icon or menu selection, or it may be a place in a document, or it may be some other selection within the screen’s display elements.



A DSLR is a type of digital camera. It derives from the older film SLR type of camera.

An SLR camera has a number of features that are very helpful in terms of helping you to get higher quality photos. For instance :

They usually feature interchangeable lenses, which lets you select a particular type of lens that may help you get a better photo for the shooting situation you might be in. You may wish to be shooting some dangerous animals from a distance, and in this case, you might wish to use a telephoto lens, which has the effect of seeming to bring you closer to your subject.

They typically feature a mirror box assembly, which lets you see in the view finder the actual view that is being captured by your lens. Some cameras have a separate optical range finder arrangement, which shows you a similar scene, but one that is not exactly the same as will be captured. For close-up photography, this may be a problem.



Ethernet is a means by which various components within a network are joined, using a special cable.