There are many useful sites on the internet. Here’s a few that we believe may be of interest and use to you.

You may wish to start at the ABC’s technology website, where they have some great ways of explaining technology. Or you might like to look at our own Jargon Buster page.

Multitone Communications Australasia Pty.Ltd

Multione are a communications company specialising in the aged and health care market places, primarily dealing via a network of distributors who handle their products and supply to end users. Products include DECT cordless telephony systems, wireless positional duress systems for staff, lone worker, resident protection, and external duress / wandering systems operating on GPS and GSM technology.


Tracking Central

Tracking Central specialises in offering the latest in personal location devices to aid in the tracking of individuals, including seniors, children, and employees whose personal security may be at risk.  The current products include the CareTracker and PawTracker.