HP Touchpad

Alas Poor Yorick – HP Touchpad Stillborn

There I was, halfway through doing my review of the WebOS based HP TouchPad, and then the news comes through that, just five scant days after its Australian launch, the device is being scuttled by HP. So, what was it like? Do you want to know?

HP Touchpad
HP Touchpad
Packaging was nice. Very obviously Apple-esque and Apple influenced, even though very different in its actual presentation.

Software-wise, it felt quite nice. WebOS offered a very pleasant browsing experience, and the screen and components felt to be of a good quality. And I did very much like the on screen keyboard. I think that HP did a very good job on the keyboard, and it seemed much better designed than the iPad or Android versions.

It felt like a nice piece of kit, but …

My first impression was that it was slow. It took an inordinately long time just to boot. There seemed to be a little lag as you switched between apps as well.

Oh yes, apps … the less said about the available apps, the better. The reality is that, as there were so few apps around, the less that was said was all that could be said.

Oh well, Alas poor Yorick, I knew him … not so well.