Seagate GoFlex Satellite

Fathers’ Day Gift Idea – Seagate GoFlex Satellite Portable Hard Disk Drive

The Seagate GoFlex Satellite portable hard disk drive is an external storage unit that can give your portable media player – like your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile phone or pad, or your Windows Phone 7 device an extra 500GB of storage.

Yes, you read that correctly: 500GB extra storage.

Seagate GoFlex Satellite
Seagate GoFlex Satellite

One of the primary issues with the current crop of devices is that their on-board storage is quite restricted. For instance, the maximum storage you have available within your iPad might be 64GB, but by way of comparison, your laptop might have been delivered with 320GB or more on its hard disk. Even your humble netbook comes with significantly more storage than the iPad, and desktop systems today come with storage measured in the terabytes.

So, what does this mean?

Many of us have very large digital music or video collections today, and in making our collections available to our mobile selves, we have to restrict and cull our collections, often reducing them to a very small subset of what what we actually own.

With the Seagate GoFlex Satellite in your backpack, your music playback device can wirelessly connect to the Satellite, and access the media content that you’ve placed on it. And with a massive 500GB of storage available, that may well be the whole of your collection, which means that there’s no need to go without.