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Thousands rush to cash in at Mazuma Mobile to upgrade to iPhone 4S

13 October 2011 – Mazuma Mobile, Australia’s leading online mobile phone recycler is receiving more than 6,000 hits daily to its website as consumers prepare to switch to the iPhone 4S – available from tomorrow.

The unprecedented demand for the latest iPhone has seen more than one million people globally pre-register for the device which is available in Australia from tomorrow.

Mazuma Mobile Managing Director Aid Rawlins said the 6,000 hits daily was remarkable.

“With the release of the iPhone 4 we experienced a huge increase in people wanting to sell their iPhone 3G and 3GS. But the interest this time has increased considerably more than previous releases of iPhones,” he said.

“It helps that we are better known now and that selling your mobile phone for cash is a more attractive option than sticking it in a drawer where it just loses value, or worst, eventually into the bin.

“We know from the emails we get that people use Mazuma because the extra cash can often help pay for the upgrade or several months of use with a new phone.”

Mazuma has already paid more than $5 million for old phones in Australia and a record-breaking $180 million through its UK operation.

Old iPhones can be worth around $350 or more depending on the model and memory size. Mazuma guarantees values quoted and does not deduct any value for cosmetic wear and tear for both working and non-working handsets.

The current price Mazuma Mobile will pay for used iPhones is:

iPhone 4 32GB $364
iPhone 4 16GB $322
iPhone 3G S 16GB $168

Mazuma buys a wide range of handsets from all brands including the old, unloved right up to the most modern and popular Blackberry, Nokia and latest smartphones.

Mazuma advises consumers to choose only reputable mobile phone recyclers and to delete all data before sending their phones in for recycling. Mazuma provides a free data deletion tool on its website and makes payment within 48 hours of receipt of phone.

Cashing in your phone is easy.

Visit, type in the model number of your mobile to receive an instant quote
Register and post Mazuma your phone (Mazuma pays for postage. You can track the progress of your order via the site)
Mazuma receives and checks your order and makes payment within 48 hours of processing your order.

Handsets are processed then rehomed in developing countries where mobile phone handsets are not subsidised and new communications equipments is often unaffordable.