My Erdheim-Chester Disease – Mucous from the right eye

For me, it started in around September 2019, when I started to notice an excess of mucous production around and from my right eye.

It wasn’t painful, but it did affect me in that the mucous was clouding my vision. I was experiencing difficulty in seeing, and that made many every day tasks somewhat more challenging than I felt that they should be.

I work as a software developer, and so I need my vision to be able to see a computer monitor and keyboard. I drive, and driving with occluded vision can be a bit of a challenge.

I play music – I’m a bassist. I occasionally need to read charts, and I definitely need to be able see the fingerboard of my bass.

I love photography, and I don’t need to tell anyone that one needs clear eyesight in order to take photos.

I also enjoy travel and cooking; more activities where one’s good and clear vision come into play.

Over a period of a couple of months I was using over the counter eye drops and eye ointments, and while they were providing me some measure of relief, the excessive mucous production continued, so I visited my local optometrist in order to try to understand what was going on.

By now it was November 2019, and we identified what appeared to be a small, yellowish “something” in my lower eyelid. This was diagnosed as a chalazion, and I was referred to an eye surgeon in order to have this examined and obtain further treatment.

The surgeon removed the chalazion in his rooms, and sent it off for pathology. I was hoping that this would be the end of the story.

The pathology came back clear, but the excessive mucous production continued.