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Jabra Sport Corded
Combine Fitness, Music and Phone Calls With New Jabra Sport-Corded Stereo Headset
Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 25 August 2011 – Jabra today launched the Jabra Sport-Corded, a tough, ultra-light headset designed for active lifestyles. It enables iPhone and Smartphone users to listen to music and answer phone calls while walking, jogging, cycling or participating in other sports. Ergonomically designed with a behind-the-ear fit for comfort during high-intensity workouts, the Jabra Sport-Corded features US military-grade rain, dust and shock-resistant certification, as well as a wind-shielded microphone to enable clear sound. The control box is located on the cord, making the Jabra Sport-Corded simple to control. The product comes with three sets of Jabra’s Ultimate...
Doro PhoneEasy 410s
Like the Telstra Easycall 2,  the Doro PhoneEasy 410s is another phone that has been targeted at that segment of the market that is wanting to have a less complicated, easier to use mobile phone. While the Telstra phone is of a candybar design phone, the Doro has a clamshell design, folding up neatly into a small, pocketable package. Like the Telstra, this is a phone that offers all of the basic features that you expect from a feature phone, but in a package that has been designed for those whose eyesight is no longer that of a 20 year...
Telstra Easycall 2
Telstra Easycall 2 Mobile Phone
As you know, there’s a vast array of mobile phones on the market today. So-called smart phones, that will take your photo, keep the photos of the kids and grand-kids, carry a recipe book, keep and play all your music, let you surf the web, check your email, read the latest best-seller …. But there’s one largely untapped part of the mobile phone market which is the market within which you, our primary target audience, resides. Many of you want to have a very simple, basic mobile phone. One that primarily makes phone calls! The Telstra Easycall 2 mobile phone...