Huawei Sonic Review

Huawei are makers of a large number of inexpensive but good quality mobile phones. The new Sonic is yet another example of what Hauwei are capable of building, offering Google’s Android (Version 2.3), 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi, and noise cancellation.

Coming similarly sized to the iPhone, I found that while the call quality was very good, the screen sensitivity was not quite as good as I’d have liked. I sometimes needed to very firmly touch the screen in order to elicit a reaction from it.

Also, when within a call, if I removed the phone from my ear in order to, for instance, check something on the screen, the screen failed to immediately illuminate itself and allow me to see the display. This made it a little bit frustrating in general use.

Apart from these minor niggles, the phone performed quite acceptably for me, and given its low price tag, it represents a quite good value for money proposition should you want to get into the Android or smartphone world with a minimal outlay.

And again, like it’s smaller sibling, the Ideos X1, the Sonic also represents excellent purchasing should you be contemplating a smartphone as a gift for one of your loved ones.