LinkSys E4200 Router
How Often Should You Update Your Modem Or Router?
One of the pieces of technology that we have in our households is the modem/router that we use to connect to the internet. It’s pretty much a set-and-forget device: you connect it to your phone line, install the filter, set it up for your connection to the ISP, and then stuff it in a corner somewhere. As long as you have your internet connection, and that connection is stable, then you forget about it. But is that the right thing for you to do? Technology, as we know, moves along at a fantastic pace, and over a fairly short period...
Optus Femtocell – Victory At Last.
Last week I wrote about the trials and tribulations I was experiencing in trying to get my Optus femtocell – commercially known as HomeZone – into an active, operational state. Following publication of that story, I received a phone call from Optus, apologising for all of the hassles I was seeing, and offering to come onto site (into my home) in order to try to understand exactly what the issues were that I was seeing. My expectation was that they would have a senior engineer come in and discuss and observe what was (not) happening at my end, with a...
Linksys E4200 Router
Linksys E4200 Router
The Linksys E4200 router is a high speed wireless and ethernet bridging router. It’s not a modem, so you cannot use it to connect to your ISP. Rather, it sits in your network, connected to your modem using it’s WAN (Wide Area Network) port, and you then connect your computers to this router.   Once connected and set up, it acts as a “bridge” between your home network and the internet. It provides good levels of security as well as a guest login facility, and while I may not be a fan of the software that usually comes bundled with...